Friday, 14 February 2014

Goosebumps ;-)

For wifey... :-)

You stand there barely a bit apart
Looking at me with those big eyes
Trying desperately to say something
Your lips shiver slightly in the tries
I smile as you keep trying
And then put my finger on your lip
You get my message and relax
I feel your warm breath on the tip

I just keep looking at you
Drinking in your lovely sight
You are my most favorite drink
A crisp yet really smooth delight

I feel your lips stop shivering
A small smile starts to grow
You slowly smile back at me
Your face comes alive with a radiant glow

A smile so wonderfully pleasing
Shinning in its own glory
The goosebumps on your skin hun
They tell me a different story

Monday, 18 February 2013

A flight of fantasy

Sitting at my office cubicle
Working away at a furious pace
I rushed against the deadline
Which laughed about at my face
I stretched myself a bit
Trying to relax the muscles
Closed my eyes for a moment
To relieve my self of the hassles
I heard a faint humming
To one of my favorite song
I picked up on the track
Together we tried to hummed along
My sudden joining did disturb
The pattern of my hummer's song
But then we got on together
Now to us did the tune belong
The song ran it due course
And we broke off our little duet
I looked up to see who was it
This songstress whom I haven't met 
Was surprised to see her there
The subject of my fancy always
She too was looking at me
Seemingly a bit too dazed
And then I smiled
She too smiled back at me
Was this a dream come true
Or a flight of fantasy...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Downstream she went along

Downstream she went along
To find him at his favorite spot
Watching the sun set slowly
While lost in his own thought

She always wondered about him
What is it that he sees there
What draws him to the place
Into the sun why does he stare

She remembered all their talks
Of a future bright and beautiful
The stream flowing by the house
A picture they painted vivid and wonderful

She asked him about his habit
Of sitting downstream every evening
And he would just smile and say
Its the part of their being

So today she sat besides him
And watched the sun go down
And enjoyed the lovely sight it made
Like the stream's end wearing a crown

And then she understood it
All the things he didn't ever say
She felt it with the breeze
And in the way the trees sway

She sighed ever so slowly
Then she sang her favorite song
The smile crept across his face
And downstream they went along


The origin of was this poem was the most unlikely... Somehow during a chat among friends, we all veered to a discussion about downstream processes and downstream reports.

To break away from the work-related talks, I just took the word 'downstream' and came up with the last paragraph of this poem. Egged on by the positive response of my friends, I made it into a poem :-)

So a big THANK YOU to all my friends, first of all and foremost to HK, the primary source of getting me to stop being lazy and start posting on the blog again. Lady you really rock and truly serve as an inspiration to me everyday. She is working hard to create awareness about Celiac disease in India. You can find more information from her at Celiac Desi

HK also did made this superb pic to put on the blog, which by her own account is also her wallpaper.

P.S. - I don't know to whom the image copyright belongs to. If you happen to know, do convey my regards to the copyright holder and also if you can share the contact details, I would be much obliged.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

राजा-राणीची कहाणी ...

राम म्हणाला हळूच सीतेला
तुझा निरोप घ्यायला आलो मी
आजपासून या क्षणानंतर
बदलणार राजा-राणीची कहाणी

सीता दचकून म्हणाली रामाला
असे काय झाले सांगा तरी मला
सुखाच्या ह्या सुंदर क्षणी
बोचले कुठल्या काट्याने आपल्याला

आपला म्हणू नकोस ग राणी
हा माझ्या  कर्माचा भाग आहे
तुला गुंतवणार नाही ह्यात मी
हा माझा सदा ध्यास आहे

तुमचे आणि माझे मार्ग एक आहेत
आपला रस्ता काही वेगळा नसे
तुम्हीच समजवा आता मला
कर्म मग आपले वेगळे कसे?

हे राणी, नको ग छळूस मला
शब्दांचे असे जाळे रचुनी
तुझ्या या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे
देऊ नाही शकत सत्य जाणूनी

पण उत्तर द्यावे प्रश्नांचे
असे वाटले तरी का तुम्हाला
तुम्ही असाल तिथेच मी ही असेन
हेच सांगायचे होते मला

माझी वाट खडतर आणि कठीण
मोठ्या परिश्रमांनी भरलेली
तू हे सगळे का ओढुनी घेतेस
तुझ्या भाग्यात जी नाही लिहिलेली

दुरावा का असा आणिता मध्ये?
तुझे अन माझे भाग्य म्हणुनी
आपण दोघे नाही, एक आहोत
का बरे जाता तुम्ही विसरुनी?

कसे समजाऊ मी तुला?
मी राजा तर काय रंक पण नाही राहिलो
या महालाचा अधिकार सोडूनी
मी वनवासी जाण्यास तयार झालो

तुम्ही वनात न्याल तरीही
येईन खुशाल मी तुमच्या संगती
तुमची साथ असेल मला जिथे
तिथेच सुखे भरभरून वाहती

धन्य धन्य असो तुझी सीते
मी काय बोलू तुझ्या वाचानांपुढे
माझीच हार अन माझीच जीत
विचित्र असे रचीलेस हे कोडे

महालात नसलो जरी आपण दोघे
तरी तुम्हीच माझे राजे आणि मी तुमची राणी
जग आणि वेळ बदलली म्हणून काय झाले
नाही बदलणार ही राजा-राणीची कहाणी

So, I guess am back after a hiatus.

Tried something different for a change. A touch of mythology and my own imagination at work. This was written sometime back during the Navratri festival - the one which ends with Ram Navami. A touch of emotion and a play of words. A bit of my own understanding and inferences.

Had shared it earlier with my pals and they loved it. So sharing it with the world now :-). Your views, comments and feedback are all welcome :-)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Life quote...

Fueled by determination,
Driven by passion,
Geared by optimism,
Accelerating towards excellence...
Euphoria would be an understatement

Had made this quote a few years back... chanced on it again today... so sharing

Sunday, 28 August 2011

And then I died...

It happened so suddenly
In the shortest of an instance
The piercing pain ran through my body
Everything faded out at once

Even through the din around there
I could hear you calling out to me
Are you really around me now
Or is it a part of my fantasy

I held on for that one moment
Through every second of pain
Just waiting for you to come
Waiting to hear your voice again

My mouth was open as I tried
To tell you all that I wanted
Of the love felt all this time
Fears of separation which haunted

But as the tears flowed freely
While my voice completely choked
I struggled to tell you everything
All the passions you had evoked 

Cuddled up in between your arms...
My last smile I just smiled
Holding you for that one final time
I smiled and then I ... died....

Ok... first thing... all is normal... 
this poem is more of the things I had felt thought while reading about soldiers and all, their last moments, while they feel that its the end and miss their beloved. Somehow tried to capture the last moments.
I can maybe add Shrikanth poem of the homecoming soldier as a reference for here. Some stories, as they say, are not meant to go all the way.

your views on it are welcome :-)
Disclaimer - In no way do I wish to even remotely demean the brave soldiers who fight for us in hostile conditions. My best wishes with them always for a long and peaceful life.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cake quote :-)

A good cake
Is the sign that God loves us 
And wants us to eat and be happy

This quote came over with sms chat with PV.
Then Mini somehow on the same day messaged me saying she is having a cake. 
This quote was also inspired by Priyanka's blogpost - Ultimate Pet Pooja

So, I guess the Universe is conspiring and telling me to go eat a nice cake. 

Sizzling Brownie, hot chocolate and generous scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. Pure pleasure and super delicious awesome delight :-)